Scarabeus Wealth Management AG

    Modern portfolio management, asset structuring, trust funds

    Single investmentFrom 50 000 EUR
    Target yield p.a.
    5 %

    Scarabaeus Wealth Management AG specializes in the construction and management of collective investment systems and modern portfolio management. Their investment approach is based on the sustainable growth of wealth and the application of new forms and practices in the management of collective investment systems and individual portfolio management.

    Why Liechtenstein?

    • A legal system that is modern, liberal and client-oriented
    • Modern tax law
    • Strict banking and business secrets
    • International recognition, especially in the EEA
    • Political neutrality
    • Minimum state intervention in economic processes
    • Top rating from international rating agencies (Moody's and Standard & Poor's)
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    Regular investment

    Invest regularly and get more revenue by averaging your purchase price. We will compile your investment portfolio so that it fully meets all your requirements. Thanks to our strong partners, we have at our disposal almost all mutual funds available in the Czech Republic.

      Lump sum

      Investment security is our primary value. At the time of sudden and radical demographic changes, declines in prices of various commodities and volatility of the financial markets, we are offering great investment protection. Ensuring the future and returns on investments is our key task.